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DARFILE.COM – The term SQL programming language or Structured Query Language is already inherent with the database programmer profession. The use of SQL language is indeed a standard in managing databases around the world. If in general the programmers are more familiar with the term MySQL or Oracle as an intermediary or special software to manage databases, but in this article we will review more fully about PostgreSQL which is present in an effort to meet database needs that are increasingly needed in all fields.

Similar to MySQL, PostgreSQL can be learned with source code that is widespread among programmers and is also increasingly experiencing developments in terms of innovation and usage.

The usefulness of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL or commonly referred to as Post-stress-SQL is a relational database product developed by volunteers working in database management throughout the world and also in open source software. Database software that is identical to the blue elephant head logo is also an alternative to the use of MySQL and NoSQL.

Initially PostgreSQL was developed by a group of students and staff programmers under the direction of an expert named Professor Michael Stonebraker, and was given the name Postgre then changed to Postgre95 due to the emergence of several additional features in 1995 and finally replaced by PostgreSQL until now. At first PostgreSQL was deemed not to meet ANSI-SQL standards but slowly – after being developed continuously, PostgreSQL is now included in the standard and even considered to exceed ANSI-SQL because of the many features available and its flexibility for users or database managers.

One of the most basic PostgreSQL differences when compared to other database systems is the ability to allow users to define their own SQL, especially for creating functions in creating or managing databases. This is because PostgreSQL is not only focused on tables and columns, but also types, functions, charts, access and so on. All aspects are collected in a class and allow each user or user to change it as needed. Another advantage of postgress is that it can be supported by several interfaces such as from various programming languages ​​such as perl, python, C ++ and others.

PostgreSQL can also be run on various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac-OS. From the various advantages of PostgreSQL that was mentioned earlier, it caused some well-known applications and websites such as Yahoo, MySpace, Skype to use it in various purposes such as database storage or as a data warehouse. This is not surprising considering its performance for more than 15 years and is considered as one of the strong, reliable, integrated database management and data accuracy software.

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