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DARFILE.COM – Pokki is a desktop application and game for PC or laptop with Instagram features. Pokki is also an alternative start menu application for Windows 8 which is very useful because it has a variety of applications in it to facilitate you in your activities.

Pokki has applications that are popular today and are constantly updated from entertainment, lessons, games, health, music, video, photography and others. It has features released by Google such as Google Translate, Google Email or more popular Gmail to make it easier for us as internet users.

Pokki is an application that will act as a start menu, after you install this application it will automatically have a shortcut on your taskbar exactly where the orb start should be. In the left panel there are bookmark directories that you normally access such as favorites, documents, music, pictures and so on so you can quickly access this directory quickly and easily.

In the all programs menu there are all applications that you install on your computer, be it a desktop application or a start screen application. So now you can easily access your favorite applications.

For those of you who are used to using the Start menu, don’t worry because there is still a replacement. This program, is an application that functions to display a start menu right on the taskbar. Pokki will also create a bookmark directory that you normally access such as: favorites, music, documents, pictures, videos and much more that you can get in the app store.

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