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DARFILE.COM – Picasa is a free software released by Google that you can use to edit and organize pictures or photos, and to synchronize and share your images and photos on Web Albums, Google’s photo sharing site.

Every time you open Picasa, this program will automatically place all your photos and choose them into a visual album arranged by date in a special folder. Then you just drag and drop the album settings and create labels to create a new group. This application ensures your photos will be organized neatly and regularly.

Picasa can also do simple editing, share photos, share photos via email, print photos, and even post pictures on your own blog.

Some of the advantages of Google Picasa:

  1. Small installation file size.
  2. Free, no serial number, crack or keygen needed.
  3. Being able to collect all image files / photos stored on the computer, both stored in any folder even in places you might forget.
  4. Being able to recognize and group each face or photo that has a human face in it, in all the photos that are inside the laptop / computer. With this, we can group photos of certain people.
    By naming. And Picasa will automatically search for photos that are as similar as possible to the face that was named earlier.
  5. Loading applications and searching photos very quickly.
  6. The effects of preview images and slideshows with fullscreen are very cool.
  7. Can make video movies directly from a collection of photos with various transition effects.
  8. Burn photos directly to a CD or print photos directly to the Printer.

Download Picasa

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