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DARFILE.COM – phpMyAdmin is a freeware written in the PHP programming language which is used to handle MySQL database administration via local and internet networks.

phpMyAdmin is an open source web application since it was first created and developed. With the support of many developers and translators, this application is experiencing rapid development with the availability of many language choices. Until now, there are approximately 70 languages ​​supported by the MyAdmin web application.

This program supports various MySQL operations, including managing databases, tables, fields, relations, indices, users, permissions, and others.

Basically, managing databases with MySQL must be done by typing the command lines according to each specific purpose.

phpMyAdmin offers features that cover the management of the entire MySQL server (requires super-users) and also a single database. phpMyAdmin also has an internal system that is used to manage metadata and supports features for advanced operations.

Through a system administrator, this application can also manage users and at the same time their privileges. Well, for those of you who specifically work as database administrators with MySQL as the database of choice, there’s no harm in using it for ease of management.

Download phpMyAdmin

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