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DARFILE.COM – PhotoScape is an application to process and edit photos or images. In addition, it offers features such as contrast control, sharpening photo colors, adding frames and combining images.

You just have to drag & drop the photos you want to combine and resize the photo to your liking.

Its function is very similar to Photoshop, but photoscape is freeware, lighter, and very easy to use.

PhotoScape Features:

  1. Viewer: View photos in folders and make slideshows.
  2. Photo Editor: change size, brightness and color adjustment, white balance, background correction, frame, balooon, mosaic effect, add text, insert images, cropping, filters, red eye removal, blooming, clone stamp.
  3. Photo Batch Editor: To process multiple photos at once, rename multiple photos at once.
  4. Page: Combines several photos into posters-like a single page or becomes a final photo.
  5. GIF Animation: Make multiple images into animated GIFs.
  6. Print: Print photos for certain events, such as passport photos, or lined pages like graph paper or calendars.
  7. Screen Capture: Saves the monitor screen to an image file.
  8. Color Picker: Select the color from the pixel screen.
  9. RAW Converter: Converts RAW image formats to JPEG format.
  10. Face Finder: To find the same face through the internet.

Download Photoscape

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