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Download Panda Free Antivirus 18.07.03

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panda antivirus
panda antivirus

DARFILE.COM – Panda Cloud Antivirus is a lightweight tool that protects the PC from viruses, malware and so on. This software is relatively lightweight and fast because it uses the cloud method ie scanning is handled by a remote server Collective intelligence from Panda.

There are many advantages that you can get by using Cloud Antivirus, including virus identification databases that are regularly updated and fast, very light to use and do not burden computer resources, as well as strong protection in real time.

The detection process is still carried out on an internal PC, notebook or laptop that has been installed by the Panda antivirus application, but if a file is suspected of being infected with a virus, the file is sent to Panda Cloud. So that by applying the cloud computing system by Panda it automatically occurs two processes simultaneously, namely; the process of healing infected files and the process of sending virus type data to the Panda Cloud server.

Anti-virus cloud technology from Panda Cloud Antivirus is called Collective Intelligence, where with this technology you are connected to a server that is always updated with a database of variants of new viruses from around the world. Of course this makes your computer safe from attacks by new viruses which always appear. This cloud computing technology also makes Panda Cloud Antivirus lightweight, fast and not overloading your Laptop / PC.

When offline, this antivirus can still scan files / folders from virus threats. It’s just that when a problem is found, you must connect it to the internet to send it to the server and solve the problem. This is what makes this antivirus stay light and fast.

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