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orpalis pdf reducer
orpalis pdf reducer

DARFILE.COM – The use of PDF is often used both for work and for sharing information to the public via the internet. We certainly often see information documents available in the form of .doc and .pdf extensions. But in this case sometimes we also have to experience difficulties when the PDF document to be uploaded or sent via email is too large, usually the email has a certain size limit of the file sent.

In addition, the process of uploading or downloading files will take longer, and of course, it consumes more data. This is where the need for a software that has the ability to compress or reduce the size of PDF documents that we feel is too large. The name of the software is Orpalis PDF Reducer.

Usability of Orpalis PDF Reducer

This software consists of two versions namely paid and free versions with all the advantages and disadvantages of each – each, but in terms of compression capabilities the same. By using this Orpalis PDF Reducer we can compress PDF documents to the size we want, according to the specified settings. In addition, compressed PDF documents will not experience problems when opened, so it is very safe to use.

In terms of use, the Orpalis PDF Reducer program is also relatively very easy and fast. We just need to set the default options, we’ve already installed and tried for the first time. Because initially the folder settings processed are not documents or PDF files. Make a little settings in the Options menu, then we see in the General tab there is an Input mode section. After clicking on it will appear several options, select Files Selection to be able to set it permanently so that the source is a PDF document.

To try to compress the document we can do it directly by opening this application then we will find the main page of this program. On the right side of the main page there is the Source button and there we can insert a pdf document that will be compressed or reduced in size, after selecting it and adjusting where the compressed file will be stored by selecting Destination.

After everything is set, you can do the compression process by clicking the Start Batch button. Usually this process only takes a few seconds, according to the initial size of the document. After successful, information will appear on the size of the output PDF and what percentage of reduction is done.

You can try all forms of compression variations, ranging from 20% to 36% smaller than the original size and even more to your liking. The trick is only by setting in Options. With all the convenience with a fast process, the use of the Orpalis PDF Reducer software is also increasingly in demand by everyone.

Download Orpalis PDF Reducer

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