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norton antivirus
norton antivirus

DARFILE.COM – Norton Antivirus is an anti-malware software developed and distributed by Symantec since 1991, which is part of the Norton computer security product. This software was developed to be able to run on two popular Operating Systems (OS) used by users, namely Windows and MacOS. Version of Norton Antivirus develops from year to year.

In 2006 to 2008, this software was supported for use on the Windows 7 operating system. While the first time it was supported for use on the MacOS operating system starting in version 2012. In 2015 the Norton Antivirus version was stopped for a moment and was replaced with a Norton Security product. Now the latest version of Norton Antivirus is an anti-virus that is quite reliable and is widely used by computer users around the world.

Advantages of Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus has a simple interface with the placement of menus on the dashboard that are easy to understand and operate. This software provides good protection when we access content on internet pages such as e-mail, instant messengers, and protection from phishing page attacks that can harm your personal data.

In addition, this antivirus also provides protection every time you access a USB drive, which in recent years this storage medium is widely used as a means to spread viruses because of its bootable access capabilities. Norton also provides facilities to make CD / DVD system repair to make backups of the operating system that we use so that if an error occurs in the operating system that we use, we can do reimaging.

Another interesting feature of Norton Antivirus related to its scanning and detection capabilities is the option to activate silent mode, which is the mode that is used when you use your PC or laptop for program activities with high memory consumption such as for playing games. By activating this mode, Norton will suspend all scanning and detection activities so that memory can be fully allocated to the program you are running.

Norton Antivirus is also equipped with features to manage the privacy and protection of your accounts. By using this software you can store all your online account passwords such as e-mail accounts, social media, and banks in a single security system provided by Norton. Thus if there are hackers who try to steal your account data, the password data that will be obtained by the hacker is the Norton password manager data itself so it is not useful for these hackers.

To protect the use of the internet for children, Norton Antivirus itself does not provide these facilities. But if you want to protect the internet usage of your child, then you might consider using Norton’s Parental Control, which is a separate product from Norton Anti-Virus, which specifically functions as an internet access protection for your child at home.

Download Norton Antivirus

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