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DARFILE.COM – NetCut is a tool to disconnect a user’s internet connection in a LAN / Hotspot area. Netcut is an application used by users to disconnect internet connections, both in wifi and LAN.

This application is quite reliable to be used to disconnect a network by simply pressing the cut off button. this tool uses the ARP spoofing technique.

The use of NetCut

NetCut is a free software launched by vedor arcai.com. NetCut works on Windows systems and functions to disconnect, shut down, or turn on user connections in a LAN or Hotspot area.

Netcut application works using spoofing or wiretapping techniques, where a person can get unauthorized access to a computer and he can act as a host. Therefore, by using NetCut, one can switch networks at the gateway at any time.

How to Work NetCut

NetCut works by tapping into the ARP section. After a successful wiretapping, he can make his computer as a gateway. This makes NetCut users can do anything related to the network that has been mastered, he can freely allow or disconnect other users who are accessing the network.

Indeed, using NetCut irresponsibly tends to be detrimental and fall into the cybercrime category. Although at first, the purpose of NetCut was for network administrators to do troubleshooting. And to deal with similar abuse, the same vendor has also issued a NetCut antidote application, namely NetCut Defender.

How to use NetCut is also very easy. You only need to download and install it on the computer. After that, you can immediately run the application. To activate it, first select another IP user that you want to disconnect. Then click the cut off button, then automatically your target can no longer access the network. To reconnect the connection, you only need to click the resume button.

Strengths and Weaknesses of NetCut


  1. Can control a LAN or Hotspot network, so NetCut users can get super fast internet access because all bandwidth is centered on the user’s computer.
  2. The application is easy to get and operate.
  3. No one will know who did it, except if someone is using another application to check it.


  1. Need to scan many IP users, so the memory required is quite heavy.
  2. Long scanning process.
  3. Easy error, if the computer is not strong enough to scan or if the target is suddenly offline.

Download Netcut

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