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Download Netcut Defender 2.1.4

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netcut defender
netcut defender

DARFILE.COM – Netcut Defender is Software that is able to protect your Laptop / computer from ARP spoofing blocks both from netcut, and other applications that work the same way.

For those of you who are used to sharing internet networks, maybe you are familiar with the term netcut. Netcut is cheating by network users by cutting off other users’ network access to control the network. Usually, people do this because they want to get a full network, so internet access is faster and more convenient.

Of course, the netcut action is very annoying to other people who also access the same network because it will result in their internet connection becoming very slow or even disconnected. If you want to avoid netcut, you need a software that is able to ward off netcut attacks. And one of the software that you can use is Netcut Defender.

The use of Netcut Defender

Netcut Defender is a free application launched by arcai.com to protect your network from other users’ netcuts. Actually, the netcut application itself is a product of the same vendor, namely arcai.com. It’s just that, originally the netcut application was designed for the needs of network administrators in terms of troubleshooting the network it manages.

But lately, many netcut users are using it for personal gain which is detrimental to others. That is why Netcut Defender was deliberately issued in anticipation of netcut abuse for crime.

By using Netcut Defender, you don’t need to worry anymore if at any time there are other users who want to bypass network connections. This is because this application is designed to protect a computer network from netcut attacks and ensure that access speeds will continue to run normally.

Netcut Defender is now widely used in offices to secure every computer network to avoid irresponsible users, so that the connections of each computer can be protected.

Netcut Defender feature

There are several features offered by Netcut Defender, including:

1. Secure your computer from ARP Spoofing attacks

ARP spoofing itself is a form of wiretapping done by third parties in a LAN network. ARP spoofing can be from netcut or other applications that have the same way of working.

2. Maintain smooth network access when using Wifi

An internet connection is assured to be safe when sharing a Wifi network with other users if your computer has the Netcut Defender application.

3. Easy application installation and convoluted settings

Installing Netcut Defender is fairly easy because it does not require configuration settings.

Download Netcut Defender

Download the Latest Free Anti Netcut by clicking the button below.

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