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DARFILE.COM – Netbeans is an application or software specifically intended for programmers or developers to create and develop programs with the Java programming language. Along with the development of technology, making applications or various forms of innovation from the technology itself becomes more widespread and wide open.

All people who are interested and have high creativity can make their own dream program. Especially now that there are many programming languages that can be chosen according to their own comfort and abilities.

One of the programming languages that is currently still and seems to be continuing to be high demand is the Java Programming Language. You can create various kinds of applications by writing code in this Programming Language. While the writing media are also various kinds. One that can be said to be the most widely used is an application called Netbeans.

The usefulness of Netbeans

Netbeans began in 1996 under the name Xelfi, a Java IDE student project under the guidance of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague. In 1997, Roman Stanek formed a company that overshadowed the project to later produce it in a commercial version until finally the project was later bought by another software development company, Sun Microsystems in 1999 until now.

As mentioned before, Netbeans is actually an application that is in the IDE cluster or Integrated Development Environment. That way, the Netbeans application has provided various features and functions whose job is to make it easier for programmers or developers to create applications in the Java language.

Among the several Netbeans features, including the Smart code completion feature. This feature seems to be a popular feature in an IDE. Because it is specific to developers, this feature is intended to facilitate and streamline the performance of its users. Netbeans will help complete familiar and frequently used code. This application will provide suggestions in the form of a list that can be selected by the user programmer. This will certainly facilitate the programmer and will minimize the risk of typing errors.

This application also uses a code generator. This feature allows you as a user to generate constructors, generate setter and getter methods, and so on. Furthermore, there is also an Error Stripe feature. A feature that is mandatory in an IDE. This feature allows Netbeans to put a red line on the line according to Netbeans there is a coding error. With this feature, you can easily find errors before you even compile your class or project.

There is also a bookmarking feature. This feature, as the name suggests, allows Netbeans to mark rows that it feels will be modified one day. This application is basically a multi-platform application, but you must pay attention to the version of the application before downloading files on the official website.

Download Netbeans

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