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DARFILE.COM – MyPaint is a free graphics application for digital painters. This allows you to focus on art not on the program.

MyPaint is equipped with a large collection of brushes including charcoal and ink to mimic real media, brushes can be configured to experiment with your own brush to produce paintings with high art.

MyPaint is a painting program, specifically in creating images from scratch. It is capable of both imitating “real” media all ways to produce highly “digital” style artwork. It aims to be simple and fast at what it does.

However, by design, it is not “image manipulation” programs. So even though you can definitely do most of your creative work in MyPaint, for top finishing, cropping, curve color adjustments and other “manipulation” things, you need to move your image into a program specifically for this, like GIMP.

Keyboard shortcuts are arranged so that you can work with your left hand on the keyboard and the right to do the painting. It’s easy to change your shortcuts. All commands can be found in the menu – Hover over the cursor to each menu entry, then press the new keyboard shortcut you want.

To focus more on the drawing process you can enlarge the canvas layer to get detailed pictures. In addition, mypaint has lots of brushes with realistic (real) image effects, even you can create your own effects and support tools such as layers, undo, color sampling, etc.

The advantages of this application are easy to use, lightweight, with a very real pencil cursor coloring and thickness can be set, easy to use, a very complete color supply to 3 Dimensions support and available drawing tools.

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