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multi commander
multi commander

DARFILE.COM – Multi Commander is a complete file manager and gives you various convenience in managing files and performing various jobs related to file management.

Managing multiple files on a computer using Windows Explorer is not an easy job. This is because of the lack of features possessed by the default Windows file manager. Coupled with the number of Windows Explorer panels that only have one. The more difficult when you want to arrange files in several different folders.

Multi Commander has all the features you need in daily work related to file and file management to make your work faster and more efficient so you can save time.

This application has all the standard features such as facilities owned by file managers such as copying / copying, moving / moving files, changing / rename files, viewing / viewing files.

In addition to the features above, Multi Commander also has a variety of special features that allow you to perform more demanding tasks related to file management in an easy way. Such as the work of Auto-unpacking / extracting, Auto-sorting / sorting automatically, Browse the contents of archives files, registry and FTP, Search / search files, view file and image contents and also Scripting support that allows you to automate various tasks. And it allows you to do everything from the keyboard using shortcuts so you can work fast and efficiently.

Download Multi Commander

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