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miranda im
miranda im

DARFILE.COM – Miranda IM is a client instant messenger multi protocol freeware designed for Windows with very little and very fast memory recource.

Miranda is easy to use as an instant messenger that supports various protocols with many UI and service features that can allow users of all levels of knowledge to easily unite all friends from various online social media.

This is very fast and uses very little system resources and does not require installation and can even be made to fit on a floppy disk or USB drive and run without installation on a PC. By default Miranda IM comes with only a few basic features, but its function is always evolving with the addition of (more than 350 now) plug-ins that include everything from simple visual tweaks to major function changes such as adding a new chat protocol.

The chat window holds many of the communication tabs you want, with easy access to emoticons, logs, dictionaries, text format tools and more.

All of this makes Miranda very pleasant to use a multi-protocol chat client that is perfect for everyone who wants to easily access their friends on different networks.

The protocols available at Miranda IM are:

  1. AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).
  2. Facebook.
  3. Gadu-Gadu.
  4. IAX (Inter-Asterisk Exchange).
  5. ICQ.
  6. IRC (Internet Relay Chat).
  7. Jabber.
  8. MSN.
  9. Netsend.
  10. Tlen.
  11. Yahoo.
  12. and many others.

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