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DARFILE.COM – MEGAsync is an internet-based application that is used for cloud storage. The main function of the computer other than as a work tool and media for playing multimedia files, also functions as a storage media. But however many hard drives we have, in the end it will ‘lose’ with the files we produce and save while working or downloading. Not to mention if the storage hard drive has a virus or is damaged.

That’s why many people are now starting to switch and look for alternative storage that is more guaranteed security and flexibility in storing files. Some software developers then try to develop an online file hosting service which certainly serves as a backup storage media. One of them is MEGAsync.

The usefulness of MEGAsync

MEGAsync is basically a file hosting and cloud storage service created and developed by a software development company, Mega Ltd. This application was first launched by Kim Dotcom on January 19, 2013.

There are several features found in this MEGAsync application. Users will immediately get a storage quota of 50 GB when registering. You can immediately save data on MEGAsync by accessing the upload and download section to download data on the cloud page.

One of the unique things is, MEGAsync enforces the encryption process with AES type cryptographic algorithms on files uploaded by its users, so that even MEGAsync itself will not know what files are stored by its users on their own servers.

Your files will be stored on at least two MEGAsync servers. This certainly becomes a number of points that strengthen users and indicate security embedded in MEGAsync’s servers and systems. Security system is undeniably one of the important points that users must pay close attention to before choosing a cloud service and MEGAsync has fulfilled several of them.

Besides being able to upload and download both through web and computer interface, you can also share your files with your colleagues and vice versa. So you don’t need to bother to upload again if your partner already has the same file and has been uploaded to MEGAsync.

Download MEGAsync

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