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DARFILE.COM – Maxthon is a browser that uses the Internet Explorer, Trident, and 100% compatible with IE, plus various features that IE does not have.

This program includes support for mouse movement, built-in sidebar RSS reader, and more. Maxthon also has a privacy protection feature to delete browsing history, cookies, cache, etc. with one click, or configure the browser to delete automatically when closing. The design for the overall web browsing dual display engine (supported by Trident and WebKit) and the fastest machine Javascript Web (V8) makes the website more dynamic & fast.

This Cloud Browser is specifically designed for the modern, multi-device world, by providing consistent high performance and a safe roaming experience on all devices and platforms. By creating a flexible browser, Maxthon allows users to start browsing sessions on their phones, continue on their tablets, and end on a laptop or desktop.

Features and advantages of this browser:

  • Dual Display Engine (Dual Display Engine) – the web page is broken and slow? Double Maxthon Display machines recognize non-standard pages faster than other browsers.
  • Quick Access – Speed ​​dial your favorite site with Quick Access. Drag and drop to adjust on the fly.
  • Magic fill (Automatic filling) – Manages and manages all your website username and password on one screen, safe. This application will enter it for you when visiting it.
  • Ad Hunter (Ad Block) – Ad Hunter is enhanced in this latest Maxthon. Much more powerful and efficient.

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