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DARFILE.COM – Mame is a game emulator application for licensed PC freeware, which you can use as a Legacy video game emulator like Super Mario, Metal Slug, Sonic, Street Fighter, etc.

You certainly still remember the ding-dong game, we usually call it the term Video Game or the cool language is MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator).

At the beginning of the 90s this game was often found in children’s playgrounds, supermarkets and on the porch of a cinema.

To play it, just enter the coin. Because the thrill is playing, it doesn’t feel that the coins have run out. Now we can play like we used to, only with emulators MAME + ROM game you like, plus a joystick (to make it more fun when playing it).

MAME is an application that you can use as an emulator of video games that you have played in your childhood like Super Mario, Metal Slug, Sonic, Street Fighter, etc.

Project that emulates more than 5000 games made in the 20th century.

But there are problems in the legality of emulators, even though the emulator is free but ROM files are sources of intellectual property video games and cannot be implemented in software or other rights that do not have LSO, but many ROM developers have released this video game and are easy found on the Internet.

This is for the purpose of education and preservation and prevents many historical games from disappearing forever when the hardware doesn’t work.

You can get a game ROM at http://mamedev.org/roms/

Download and play using MAME.

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