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magix vegas pro
magix vegas pro

DARFILE.COM – Magix Vegas Pro is an application or software that is used for video editing purposes. Initially the program was released only to handle audio editing, but now it is also moving in the video field. The software was first named Sony Vegas Pro, which was released by Sonic Foundry, then by Sony Creative Software and the latest Vegas Pro version then owned and developed by Magix Software GmbH.

In 2016, the original developer stopped his struggle and sold this software to Magix. So Vegas Pro 13 is the last version released by Sony. Then the Sony Vegas Pro was renamed Magiz Vegas Pro.

You can create or edit videos, audio and images through Magix Vegas Pro. This application is also an application used by professionals for video editing. Magix Vegas Pro supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. For version 11 Windows XP and version 13 Windows Vista.

Magix Vegas Pro features

Magix Vegas Pro combines several flexible and intuitive features into one program for more creative video editing.

  • Extensive Edit Mode. This mode makes it easy for users to easily cut or trim the frame. Frames can be seen in the timeline and can be cut using the mouse or keyboard. You can also edit adjacent frames during playback.
  • Link Synchronization
  • Multi-Camera Editing. You can use this feature to make it more efficient when editing. You can edit 32 different videos with keyboard commands or with just one mouse click.

Video Effects and Compositions

There are several features that you can use to add effects and composition to a video:

  • Masking Tool. You can use the Bezier Drawing Tool to easily create masks with various shapes.
  • LAB Adjustments and L * a * b * Color Space Histogram
  • FX Masking. You can blur faces or license plates with this feature.
  • Color Matching. You can also match colors on the L * a * b * layer.
  • Composition Mode.

Making 3D Projects as Easy as 2D

You can make 3D as easy as 2D with this Sony Vegas Pro with the benefits of several existing features such as:

  • 3D Stereotype Adjustment
  • The Solution to Great Monitoring
  • A real stereoscopic 3D camera for 3D song tuning
  • Integrated 3D adjustment
  • Add Depth to 2D Elements
  • Auto Correct Footage

Download Magix VEGAS Pro

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