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macrorit disk scanner
macrorit disk scanner

DARFILE.COM – Hard disk is an important component on a PC that serves to provide a sector or large capacity space to store data permanently. Just like other components, the hard disk also requires maintenance, because if not, there is a chance of problems such as bad sectors.

Bad sector itself is a condition where the hard disk is damaged and is no longer safe to use because it will cause various risks, such as loss of important data, blue screen, and slowing down hard disk speed significantly.

The signs that usually appear are when you feel that all applications are running smoothly, but Windows continuously shows an error message. Well, to check for errors on this hard disk, you need a scanner. One of the scanners that can be used is Macroritt Disk Scanner.

The usefulness of Macrorit Disk Scanner

Macrorit Disk Scanner is one of the third party scanners that can be obtained free of charge for Windows. Its function is to detect damage or bad sectors on the hard disk. Actually, you can use the tools provided by Windows to scan the hard disk, it’s just that many users do not understand, so rarely use it.

In addition, Macrorit Disk Scanner is also considered simpler and easier to use compared to other tools available on the internet. With third-party devices also provide better performance.

When the program runs, scanning will be performed on the selected hard disk area. If a bad sector is found, the system will mark in red. As for sectors that are not problematic, they will be marked in green. The results of this scan will be displayed in a statistical map. So that it will be easier for users to find out which parts are damaged and need to be repaired.

The statistics display will also show the scanning speed per minute, the amount of damage found, scan area, estimated time, and other information about the selected hard disk area. This information will be stored in the system so that we can access it anytime.

The Advantages of Macrorit Disk Scanner

There are two advantages of Macrorit Disk Scanner compared to other scanners provided by Windows. First, the scanning process is faster. This is because we can choose the area that you want to scan. You can scan all areas on the hard disk or only certain areas.

Another plus is that this tool not only informs how severe the damage is, but also shows where the bad sector is. With these results it is expected to provide options and direct you to the right choice regarding the next action. However, the advantage of this scanner is only limited to reporting damage to the hard disk, but can not provide a solution how to repair the hard disk.

Download Macrorit Disk Scanner

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