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Download LockHunter 3.3 Beta1

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DARFILE.COM – LockHunter is a freeware program for stopping an application that runs on a Windows system because it is blocked by certain processes.

Lock Hunter is very useful to fight malware, and other programs that block a file for no apparent reason.

It can mean that the file you are about to delete is running or in use. And can not be deleted before you close the program file. You can be sure of what you do after that, surely as soon as possible close all program files associated with the file.

But what if the file still cannot be deleted, even though you have closed the program file on your laptop or computer? One way is that you have to restart first.

But this method is quite time consuming. Here are ways you can do if you experience an event like the one above. Namely by using a help program below.

Some LockHunter Features:

  1. Display the process that locks certain files or folders.
  2. Unlock, delete, copy, rename locked files.
  3. Stop the process that locks the file.
  4. Able to delete processes that lock files from the hard drive.
  5. Integrated into Explorer context menu.
  6. Able to delete files that are locked in the Recycle Bin to be restored if needed again.
  7. Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Download LockHunter

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