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Download LinuxLive USB Creator 2.9.4

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linuxlive usb creator
linuxlive usb creator

DARFILE.COM – Linux Live USB Creator is free software for Windows that allows users to create and run a bootable Live USB for the Linux distribution operating system on windows.

With the growing number and development of the Linux Operating System, especially the many free Linux distributions that we can use such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora, PCLinuxOS and others, might make some have never tried to be curious. For Windows users, there is an alternative to trying without having to install on a laptop or computer, using only a USB flashdisk.

The following explanation runs LinuxLive USB Creator:

  1. Select the USB flashdisk that will be filled with Linux, the USB must be in FAT or FAT32 format. If the USB is FAT or FAT32, we don’t need to format it.
  2. This step is to choose a Linux distribution source, it can be from a CD-ROM, ISO file that is already on the hard drive or if we have a fast internet connection, select Download (directly download from the internet).
  3. PERSISTENCE, is setting the amount of USB space that will be used to store data, the configuration that we change or if we later want to install additional software on this USB linux. If this is not loaded (0MB), then Linux on USB can still be run, but changes to data on linux will not be saved. And we can not save data on Linux and install other additional software.
  4. Step 4: There are 3 choices: the first is whether the files that are loaded will be hidden (hidden), the second is whether the USB will be formatted (all data will be lost) and third to create a portable version in Windows (need an internet connection).
  5. The last step is CREATE, click the yellow lightning icon to begin the manufacturing process. Previously we could set additional options by clicking the OPTIONS button.

Download LinuxLive USB Creator

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