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Download LibreCAD 2.1.3

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DARFILE.COM – LibreCAD is a free CAD Software that can design 2D models very well with a display that is very easy to understand.

AutoCAD is an application that is widely used in designing images in 2 or 3 dimensions. The application is widely used by architects, mechanical engineers, civil engineering, to interior designers. Although reliable, AutoCAD has a weakness, which is expensive. In addition, the latest version requires adequate computer specifications to run well.

While the alternative, LibreCAD, is small and does not burden the system. No wonder, because it can only be used to design 2D images only and the features offered are simpler.

In this application there is a menu that is often used placed on the toolbar. LibreCAD makes it easy for you to draw 2D and save in DXF or CXF format. We can also export design results into PNG, BMP, JPG, PPM, TIF, XPM or XBM formats.

The interface of LibreCAD is designed to be user friendly and easy to understand, with the breadth of canvas, drawing tools, selector, layer list, and so on, which will facilitate you in using this program. Besides tools, it also provides documents, interfaces that can be modified, tutorials, and so on.

The choice of language can be arranged according to what we want, be it Indonesian, English or other languages.

Download LibreCAD

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