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Download LiberKey 5.8.1129

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DARFILE.COM – LiberKey is a portable software launcher program all in one package that gathers all applications in one place and is easy to use.

Portable applications are made so that you can run an application without the need to install it on a computer. Simply by using a flash or external HDD, you can run it on any computer easily.

LiberKey is like a second Start menu in your Windows operating system, with this program all can be managed easily. Hundreds of portable applications from various categories are ready to use. Starting from the GPL license, Open Source to Free Edition.

After the first installation, you only find this application as an application launcher, not including additional applications. Furthermore, Liberkey will display a collection of applications that have been summarized in several package options. If you want to see the full list of applications, see the catalog provided. So, you cannot add applications outside the catalog.

But, do not worry, the number of catalogs and application packages that are included in the hundreds. Most likely, the list of applications in the Liberkey catalog is complete enough to meet all needs, from simple text editors to video editors (represented by Avidemux and Virtualdub). To facilitate the search, applications in the catalog are arranged by category.

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