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DARFILE.COM – JDownloader is a download manager software that is created using the Java programming language, JDownloader allows users to download files automatically from a website with just one click. Some parts of JDownloader (but not all) are open source so that it allows users with certain capacities to modify those parts.

JDownloader is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and even Java platform devices. JDownloader works well on computers with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10, various Linux distributions that support bourne shell script (* .sh), MacOS (version 10.6 or lower) ), MacOS X (version 10.7 or higher) and Java (version 1.5 or higher).

The advantages of JDownloader

1. Can download multiple files simultaneously through multiple connections

By downloading files through multiple connections, making files can be downloaded faster and more stable, although in some cases it is often reported that the use of a download manager that is connected to more than one connection makes the overall connection burdened, but nevertheless for users who consider the stability and speed of downloads as a priority, of course this is a reasonable risk.

2. Can extract RAR archive

When a user downloads an RAR format archive file, JDownloader provides the option to directly extract the downloaded file, if the RAR file is password, the user must enter a password to extract the RAR file, once the user enters the RAR password, JDownloader will save it so that if a user downloads a RAR file with the same password the user only has to select it.

3. Decrypt RSDF, CCF, and DLC files

RapidShare Download File (RSDF) and CryptLoad Container File (CCF) are encrypted file formats that contain links to downloadable files (used to store download lists), encrypted links to hide file locations from the public. CCF is used by CryptLoad, a file downloader software. Whereas the Download Link Container (DLC) file is an encrypted container format (not the file) that is used to store downloadable content.

Unlike RSDF and CCF which are files that contain links, DLC is a container that contains files (files in DLC contain links) so that DLC uses client-server encryption where links are processed locally and keys are distributed by Web services. JDownloader can decrypt these files so users can download files from the link in the encrypted file.

Download JDownloader

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