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DARFILE.COM – iPadian is a software or application that can be used as an emulator for Apple products, iPad on a computer. It is no secret that Apple is one of the largest and most elite software development companies in the world today. All products, even though they have very high prices, still every time there is a product launch, will be sold out and sold well.

If in the smartphone market, Apple favors the iPhone, then in the tab market, Apple gives the iPad as a champion. It is undeniable, this iPad interface looks very beautiful and makes anyone who uses this product will feel proud for being an Apple user.

IPadian Usability

But those of you who don’t have the chance to enjoy iPad don’t need to worry. You can try this iPad interface by installing software called iPadian on your computer or PC. With this application, you will get a display interface like an iPad on your computer that has a Microsoft Windows operating system.

This iPadian application has several features and functions that you can enjoy after you install it. You will soon be able to enjoy the appearance of the iPad-style interface even to the icon icon that is so typical. In addition, the iPadian application also has several other features, one of which is that you can enjoy full screen or full screen. But even so, you can still access the Windows toolbar which will still be displayed if you want.

This iPadian application is a dynamic application. You can change the background according to what you want in the included image choices. Or if it’s still lacking, you can replace the background or background with a private collection of images on your computer. Then, there is also an app store that you can use to download other applications to customize this iPadian application.

With this application, you can also play various games and access music and videos for free or free. You will also get a webkit browser that you can certainly use to surf the internet. One other important thing is, you will also be given access to create a password or password. This is very important and will definitely be useful if you want to provide protection for your virtual iPad from access to other people you don’t trust, of course.

With this iPadian application, you will get direct access to Facebook. With that access, you will be given access to get notifications directly from Facebook to your virtual iPad. This application is compatible with computers with Microsoft Windows XP operating system, Windows Vista and even Windows 10.

Download iPadian

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