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Download IObit Driver Booster 7.0.2

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iobit driver booster
iobit driver booster

DARFILE.COM – Driver Booster is software that focuses on updating PC drivers. If you ever feel your PC crashes or bluescreen, one of the causes is the obsolete component drivers from your PC. A driver update is required so that the components / hardware of your PC can work properly.

However, you can imagine how much hardware there is in your PC. There are several, even dozens of hardware. Of course you can update the driver manually by searching through Google and downloading from the manufacturer’s website. However, imagine how much time should be spent to carry out these activities?

About IObit Driver Booster

Based on the complexity of these activities, IObit created this driver booster software. As the name suggests, driver booster is intended to help users in updating drivers on an obsolete PC. With one click, you can see what drivers are outdated and need to be updated on your PC. So that users do not need to manually search for one by one driver. By interface, this software looks so simple but is very user friendly.

There is one large “SCAN” button that is very striking along with two indicator icons on the right and left that indicate whether the outdated driver is included in the “Device Drivers” category or drivers for PCs or rather the driver is more suitable to fit into the “Game” category Components “, which will certainly be very helpful for gamers.

At the top there are several icons. On the second icon from the left, you can see that the booster driver also provides troubleshooting features that are common on PCs. Then in the next icon, you will find something quite interesting. IObit seemed to want to show that they also care about aesthetics. Driver booster embed “UI Settings” feature. In this feature you can change the appearance of the UI from black skin to readable skin. Or if you feel the writing in this software is too small, you can also enlarge it.

Then back to its main function, you can find any driver that needs an update by clicking on the “SCAN” button. The driver booster will automatically scan and search. When finished, the driver booster will show a list of drivers that need to be updated and the driver status. This software can even show us the details of the driver we are using and the updated version of the driver.

Then the user can update the driver driver as needed. You can update in whole or one by one. If you see, the amount of memory used by this software when scanning and updating is also not too large.

Download IObit Driver Booster

Download the Latest Free IObit Driver Booster by clicking the button below.

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