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DARFILE.COM – IMVU is a communication application that allows you to create 3D animated characters to interact with other people. If you want to interact in a virtual space in a fun and enjoyable way, this app might just be the right choice for you.

The reason is, by using this application you can interact using 3D animations that can be made according to your needs, including customizing clothes, hair, and other accessories.

When you first install it, the app will offer you several options before you start interacting with people all over the world. You need to choose your gender, clothes, shoes, choose a hairstyle and so on.

After designing a 3D animation, you must first register using a Google or Facebook account. Similar to Second Life, in this application you can socialize just like in the real world.

IMVU’s Advantages

There are lots of free apps for Windows PCs that let you socialize virtually using 3D animation, this one is quite a popular one.

The number of users who prefer this application to socialize virtually is certainly not without reason. Here are some of the advantages of IMVU that you need to know:

1. Create a 3D avatar as needed

By using this application you can create a 3D avatar as you wish. You can define the appearance of the avatar that you want to use, including clothes, make-up, accessories and so on.

2. Connect with other people around the world

Through this application you can enter chat rooms on different topics. This application carries the concept of virtual 3D space that allows you to place characters in various locations.

Your avatar and other people can interact with each other in a more interesting and realistic way. If you want more control, you can create your own chat room.

There are several types of chat rooms that you can choose from, including public chats that all users can participate in and private chats that only certain people can participate in.

3. Contacts and friends list

IMVU also comes with a list of contacts or friends that is similar to other instant messaging applications. With this feature you can start a chat quickly and meet in a 3D virtual room easily.

In short, if you want to interact in a more fun and virtual realistic way then IMVU is an application you should consider.

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