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DARFILE.COM – For those of you owners of iPhone, iPad or iPod gadgets, you must know about this software. The name is iFunbox, and as the name implies the software is specifically for iPhone, iPad or iPod gadget owners.

We certainly understand that one of the disadvantages of this high quality gadget product is that it cannot transfer files from a computer, to download files is not as simple as other gadget products, and many more.

All of that is not impossible, but does require additional applications or software as an intermediary to carry out these functions. One such software is iFunbox which we will discuss in this article.

A software development company called Genericom launched a special software for iOS gadget users called iFunbox. Until now enough people have chosen to use this software.

The usefulness of iFunbox

The function of iFunbox greatly helps the performance of your gadget. One of them is doing all kinds of downloads and installations of various cool applications specifically for iOS. So as if this iFunbox function like the Google Play Store on an Android mobile phone.

The name of this feature is iFunbox-Store. The installer file format offered is with the extension “.ipa”. The .ipa extension type is a special extension developed by Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program. With the help of iFunbox application installation can also be done easily.

In addition there are more conveniences offered by this one software, namely file management or file manager on your gadget. Unlike in iOS gadgets in general, by using this software you will be given the ease and complete control of managing your files.

Not only that, the file manager management system used will also look more presentable and organized like in Windows Explorer. So it’s as if you have Windows Explorer management but in your iOS gadget file. The name of this feature is the Sandbox App.

Download iFunbox

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