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DARFILE.COM – iExplorer is an application or software that allows you to manage or manage files that are on the iPhone / iPad / iPod on your computer or PC. This period is the time where technology products begin to penetrate so quickly to people’s lives. Almost all people now use smart phones in their daily lives. There are so many kinds and types. There are mobile phones that have the operating system Android, iOS and Windows.

Among the three, maybe iOS is arguably the most stable operating system for both performance and security. So safe, to move the files on the device we can not be careless. You must rely on iTunes if you want to manage files on this Apple product. But now you can try iExplorer as an alternative to managing files on a computer.

The usefulness of iExplorer

IExplorer application was created and developed by a company developer or software developer from Massachussets, United States named Macroplant, Inc. With this application, you can now manage or manage files on your computer as an option or an alternative to iTunes.

This application has several data or file management features that will definitely be needed by users of Apple products. You can use this iExplorer application to move your audio music files to other devices whether it is on a Mac, PC or iTunes.

You can search for files, then display previews before copying them to iTunes or your computer. Besides music, you can also move your text messages like SMS or iMessage messages from an iPhone device to another device such as a Mac or computer.

With this iExplorer application, you can do the mounting process from iPhone and iPad devices to computer or Mac devices. So you can use your iPhone device like a USB Flashdisk. You can see all the files or documents you have saved on your iPhone, then back up them on your computer just in case.

You can also export other utilities available on iPhone devices such as voicemail, addresses, contacts, calendar events, reminders or reminders, notes and so on from your iPhone to PC or Mac.

Download iExplorer

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