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DARFILE.COM – HJSplit is a small utility software, the main function is to divide (split) one file into several parts and merge (join) several files into one complete file. HJSplit is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS and other platforms such as BSD, Java, DOS, Amiga, OS / 2 etc. The HJSplit is portable so it doesn’t need to be installed on a local system, making it easy to run directly from portable media such as USB Flashdisk.

HJSplit is suitable for sharing large files to be sent via Email services, Newsgroups, FTP Servers and so on, small files usually facilitate the process of sending and receiving (uploading and downloading). HJSplit is also suitable for backups, for example dividing 10GB files into smaller sizes so that they can be stored on CDs, DVDs or USB Flashdisks.

The advantages of HJSplit

1. Equipped with the ability to produce MD5 Checksums

MD5 Checksums (also known as md5sum) is a computer program that calculates and verifies the digital fingerprint (MD5 hash) of a file. MD5 Checksums is used to verify the authenticity of the file, because almost all changes to the file will cause the MD5 hash to change. MD5 Checksums is used to verify that files have not changed as a result of file transfer errors, disk errors or “sabotage”. HJSplit can generate MD5 Checksums from split files and check MD5 Checksums of files to be joined.

2. Divide a file into several files with a specific size

You can use HJSplit to divide a large file into several files with a specific size in KB (kilobytes) or MB (megabytes), the number of files produced depends on the specified size, for example a file of 1 GB (1024 MB) divided into several 100MB files, it will produce 10 100MB files and 1 24MB file.

3. Combining several files into one whole file

Files that are shared (splited) using HJSplit will produce files with extensions * .001, * .002, * .003, * .004 and so on. To rejoin the shared file, simply combine each part of the split file into one folder and open the file with an extension. put in the same folder, HJSplit will ask to be directed to the required file location.

HJSplit also has a feature to compare two files to find out whether the two files are the same file (copies) or not, you can open file 1 with file 2 with the compate file feature on HJSplit and then start the inspection process, the results displayed are only notification whether the file is the same or different file, the comparison includes various aspects such as size, date to MD5 Checksums.

Download HJSplit

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