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Download Hiren’s BootCD PE 1.0.1/Hiren’s BootCD 15.2

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hirens bootcd
hirens bootcd

DARFILE.COM – Hiren’s BootCD PE / Hiren’s BootCD is a bootable CD program that contains tools to repair the system from damage caused by system crashes, virus attacks until Windows fails to boot.

In addition, Hiren BootCD can be used to backup Windows systems, manage hard disk partitions to manage Windows passwords.

Hiren’s BootCD starts or boots from a cd and can also boot from a usb like installing Windows from a flashdisk. BootCD In Hiren there are various tools such as:

  • Partition tool for management of hard disk partitions, with this tool you can easily create, compare, install or backup hard disk partitions.
  • BootCD PE Hiren is a restored edition of BootCD Hiren Windows 10 PE x64. Because nothing was officially launched after November 2012, the PE version is being developed by Hiren BootCD fans.
  • Created for Laptop / Computers with the latest Technology, supports UEFI boot and requires a minimum of 2GB of RAM.
  • Backup and recovery. With complete tools for backup system operations, recovery of lost files etc.
  • Antivirus tool to clean viruses without going through the operating system to be more optimal.
  • Testing tools for various purposes such as memory tester, checking hard disk damage etc.
  • Tool passwords as powerful recovery tools and Windows modification passwords such as administrator password resets or other user modifications.

You can download Hiren’s BootCD via the link below then burn or burn an ISO file to a blank CD / DVD, after that you can install or boot directly on your computer / laptop from CD, DVD and USB drive by first setting the bios to boot from USB / CD.

Download Hiren’s BootCD

Download the Latest Free Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 and Hirens BootCD by clicking the button below.


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