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hd tune
hd tune

DARFILE.COM – HD Tune is a software utility that functions to monitor, look for errors, see the health status or condition of your laptop / computer hard drive.

HD Tune application has 4 main menus that we can use to check the condition of the hard drive, namely:

  1. Hard Drive benchmark, aims to measure the performance of the hard drive. In this benchmark menu we can find out the transfer rate, access time, burst rate and CPU Usage.
  2. Transfer Rate, is the speed of the hard drive sending data to the computer or can also be referred to as the hard disk read speed. Read speed is measured in megabytes per second (MB / sec). Average maximum and minimum speeds are displayed on the right. The blue line on the graph shows the reading performance of the entire disk.
  3. Access Time, i.e. the time needed to be able to access the data needed, from the idle (silent) to get the data. Average access time is measured and displayed in millisecons (ms). Access Time on the graph is displayed as yellow dots where the smaller the value indicates the better hard disk performance.
  4. Burst Rate, is the highest speed (in megabytes per second) at which data can be transferred from the drive interface (for example IDE, SATA or SCSI) to the Operating System.
  5. CPU Usage, shows how much time is used by the CPU (in%) to read data from the hard drive.

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