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DARFILE.COM – Handbrake is a video conversion software that supports many formats designed to be able to run on several different operating systems (cross / multi-platform), including Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS (Intel 64 -bit), and Linux.

A common problem encountered when wanting to play videos on gadgets is the limitations of video format support. Handbrake is here to help solve this problem.

One of the main functions being considered in having a gadget such as its ability to play audio formats (.mp3, .wma, .flac) and video (.mp4, .wmv, .avi, .mkv). Unfortunately, not all video files can be played because the gadget hardware specifications are indeed limited. For this reason, free video conversion tools like this program are needed.

Video formats that can be converted are various formats supported by libavformat (audio / video library that is widely used by multimedia software). In other words, almost all popular video formats now supported by Handbrake. It also can convert videos contained on DVD or Blu-ray disc.

In this version, there are many additional features and bug fixes provided by the developer. Examples are Intel QuickSync Video, H.265, VP8 and LobFaac.

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