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DARFILE.COM – Hamachi is software that connects directly 2 or more connected laptops / computers to the internet network without complicated configuration.

Zero configuration virtual private network (VPN) or virtual private network without configuration, to form relationships between computers that are far apart from each other through the internet network, as if the computer is connected to a local network or LAN.

VPN is a network that uses Internet infrastructure to connect servers to clients privately.

Hamachi is a hosted VPN service that securely connects various devices over a network, extending LANs such as network connectivity for mobile users and business applications. You can easily create a secure virtual network on-demand, through public and private networks.

VPN service that is easily set and allows remote access to your business network, wherever there is an Internet connection.

Advantages of Using Hamachi:

  • Web based management, easy administration.
  • Manage networks easily, using gateways and hub & spoke options.
  • Network security with encryption, access control and configuration management.
  • Commercial up to 256 clients per network, free for non-commercial use.
  • Can be connected with a LogMeIn account.
  • Hamachi can also be used to remotely computer outside the local network, Windows file sharing, play multiplayer LAN games, web servers, private FTP and others.

Download Hamachi

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