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DARFILE.COM – Technological progress is increasingly influencing developments in all fields, including mathematics. Why is that? Mathematics is not just calculating using formulas but also sometimes we need the help of software to facilitate certain matters.

Just as SPSS software is identical to the world of statistics, mathematics also has its flagship software, GeoGebra. Maybe for the general public this software feels strange, but for teachers or those who are in the field of mathematics certainly know this GeoGebra.

GeoGebra software has helped a lot in the field of mathematics such as learning media, as a means to make teaching materials or even help solve problems related to mathematics.

The usefulness of GeoGebra

In the name there is the word “Geo” because this software does have a connection with the calculation of geometry. But not only that, this software also applies the methods of calculating algebra and calculus which are three important elements in the world of mathematics. It has been explained before that GeoGebra has benefits in terms of being a learning medium, as a means of making teaching materials and solving math problems. This means that both students, instructors or even the school is also helped by the presence of this software now.

One form of the application of GeoGebra as a learning medium is that the teacher can show the process of working on problems visually such as, straight-line equation material. In terms of making teaching materials, schools do not need to bother writing mathematical formulas in office software like Word, because even though they are complete enough, it takes quite a long time to write them as well. With GeoGebra writing a formula or equation does not require a long time. To help solve the problem you can also use this software, you only need to input the questions into the application and then in the process to find a solution.

One of the advantages of this software is the interface is quite simple and its use is quite easy so it can be used by all people. Besides the increasingly widespread use of language is also the main attraction of this software. At present GeoGebra has been developed using more than 50 languages, including Indonesian. Surely this will be an important point for us the people of the World.

But specifically for students, the use of this software must always be monitored by teachers so as not to cause dependency considering they are still learning. You can download GeoGebra on its official website or through other links that are widely spread on the Internet. Currently there is also a special GeoGebra for android users with more simple packaging. With features – features that continue to be updated as developments in the field of mathematics of course this application is the most appropriate choice for you.

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