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DARFILE.COM – FreePiano is a free piano simulation software to play the piano with your computer or laptop keyboard.

Do you like playing music? Good at keyboard or piano? Or want to study?

How to learn to play the piano in a self-taught way, especially for beginners? Most people are fond of this instrument, because this one is very special. Equipped with a sound that is so harmonious and dynamic. The price of piano instruments reaches tens of millions of rupiah, or even more. Depending on the specifications of the quality.

For those of you who want to play the piano but don’t have it, this software is very useful. How to play it is quite easy. Only with a little memorization of the keyboard, we can already play the piano.

Also, the advantages of this application are opensource and free! In addition, this application is small and does not require installation at all.

Some FreePiano features:

  1. FREE, you don’t need to buy to use all features.
  2. Using VSTi, you don’t need to install a virtual MIDI device.
  3. Supports various audio outputs, including DirectSound, WASAPI and ASIO.
  4. You can specify one key on the keyboard and screen functions.
  5. Set multi-layout keyboard can be activated at any time during play.
  6. Can export your song to MP4.
  7. Keyboard keys and various other functions can be set.

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