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folder lock
folder lock

DARFILE.COM – Folder Lock is an application or software that allows you to be able to store and lock your files or folders securely. Most of you are probably active computer users who spend most of your time doing various activities at the computer. Whether it’s for office work, for college, for school, teaching or for leisure activities. Whatever your activities, most of you do on the computer. The number of activities is also partly accompanied by important data that you must store on your computer. Is there a way to guarantee the security of your important data as long as it is stored on the computer?

The usefulness of Folder Lock

There are so many software that you can use to help you secure your important data and files. One of them that you can make as an alternative is an application called Folder Lock. This Folder Lock application or software allows you to be able to store and lock your files. This application was created and developed by a developer company that specializes in the field of security utilities for computers called News of Software.

This Folder Lock application has several important features. The first is the Lock Files feature. With this feature, you can protect your files and data from people and parties who do not have access. This allows your data to not be seen by outsiders by blocking the file or data. Windows kernel level locking and driver dilter allows the Folder Lock application to lock files and data or folders even in Safe Mode in Windows. The simple user interface or interface makes it easy to learn and apply by various parties and users.

The second feature is Encrypt Files. With this feature, the Folder Lock application will be able to process the encryption of your files and personal data by using an on-the-fly 256 bit encryption system that is at the level of military encryption technology. This allows you to store important and confidential files of you and your company with an encryption process which is certainly far more secure and reliable. This application encryption system is dynamic, so dynamic that even with its small size it can expand and help you secure your files in any amount.

You can also save and move your encrypted files or folders to any storage area by using the USB / CD protect feature. You can also save your ID card and transaction card information such as debit or credit cards by using the Make Wallets feature. Data information will be stored securely.

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