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DARFILE.COM – FlashGet is a software or application that focuses on the field or category of download management. As an active internet user, you must have downloaded various files from the internet. No matter old or young, if you have ever explored the internet, it is almost certain that the download process you have done at least once.

As the most widely used operating system, Microsoft Windows actually also provides a default or default plugin that can be used to make the download process, as well as other browsers. But the performance of this download plugin is still felt lacking by its users. For this reason, some developers use this market to develop software. One such software is FlashGet.

Display FlashGet

FlashGet is made and developed by a software developer or company from China named Trend Media Co., Ltd. The first version of the FlashGet software was released on May 17, 2013 and was originally given the name JetCar, but was eventually changed to FlashGet.

In the initial view, you can see the red FlashGet icon with a yellow download-shaped accent. When you open the software, you will be able to see a display dominated by light blue. The interface is quite simple and seems to be easy to use even for new users.

FlashGet feature

This FlashGet software has several main features. One of them is the file sharing system during the download process. When you are downloading or downloading a file, the file will automatically be split into several parts and downloaded simultaneously. This makes the download process faster.

Besides that, FlashGet also uses Helping Hand technology. This technology can optimize your internet connection so that it can help users who have inadequate or even slow internet connections. With this feature, your download rate can be optimized to reach 500% compared to download management software or similar downloads.

Then, FlashGet also has a feature that can call an existing antivirus on each of your computers to do the scanning process for each file that you are downloading or downloading. This is certainly very beneficial for users because it can simultaneously check whether there is malware in the file being downloaded.

Download FlashGet

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