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fl studio

DARFILE.COM – FL Studio (previously known as FruityLoops Studio) is an audio processing software developed by a Belgian company called Image-Line, FL Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software with the main function of course producing digital audio files, FL Studio is available for devices Windows operating system computers, and iPod Touch devices, iPhone, iPad and mobile devices with Android operating system.

If you are an electronic musician, hip-hop, DJ, composer or “boy band” of course familiar with the music sequencer, FL Studio has a graphical user interface (Graphical User Interface, GUI) that adopts patterns from the music sequencer so that it can be used to produce simple audio files to the high level of complexity, besides that Image-Line offers Life-Time Free Updates which means users will get updates in the future for free, forever.

The advantages of FL Studio

1. Equipped with integrated VST Instrument plugins

Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is a software interface that is integrated with audio processing software such as FL Studio as plugins with an audio editor and recording system, VST simulates hardware and software used for recording activities in conventional / traditional (non-electronic) studios ). With VST Instrument, it can be said that FL Studio “replaces” the hardware and software in conventional music studios into virtual music studios, by using FL Studio users have a complete personal music studio on their computer.

2. Complete and powerful synthesizers

Synthesizers are electronic music instruments that are generally operated using keyboards, synthesizers produce many variations of sound by generating and combining signals from different frequencies, the synthesizers feature in FL Studio is a collection of plugins with various functions, for example Boo Bass which is a monoponic bass guitar emulator and Groove Machine which is a virtual drum machine, all the needs for synthesizers emulation are available at FL Studio.

3. Supports ReWire as a Host and as a Client

ReWire is a software protocol that allows data transfer and remote control between audio processing software and related software, so FL Studio can be implemented as a ReWire host through the ReWired plugin. This allows the user to control one or several other ReWire devices that are connected as clients. FL Studio can also be implemented as a ReWire Client to send audio output to the ReWire plugin on other ReWire devices that act as hosts.

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