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DARFILE.COM – Firebird is an application that contains a relational database management system that functions to perform database management processes. For programmers and developers, the word database or database is something that is very familiar to the ear and may even be required to be used in daily work. Indeed, in its implementation, database is a separate entity that is very difficult to separate from the activities of making systems or applications.

In making a database, programmers and software developers will need a container to manage data from the database itself. One of the RDBMS applications (Relational Database Management System) that you can make a solution and alternative is the Firebird application.

The usefulness of Firebird

This Firebird application was first created by a team inspired by the RDBMS product made by Borland, namely InterBase. The team then named this project as the Firebird Project. The results of the software they make then they call it Firebird (or also known as Firebird SQL). This application was first released in 2000.

This Firebird application has several features and superior features. The first is for example, because this application was conceived together in a group in the form of a Project, this application is arguably an application that is based on open source. So that this application you can download and install for free and you will not be charged anything when downloading it.

This Firebird community is an active community, although its size is not as big as the MySQL and Oracle communities, the two most widely used RDBMS. This community has a good reputation and is very friendly to developers or newcomers so it will certainly make new users more comfortable in using and maybe even developing this application. With an active and growing community, Firebird’s capabilities and security will be able to continue to be maintained along with the continued development of the source code of this Firebird application itself.

The installation process is also fairly easy. You can download from a computer or PC that has a Windows, Linux or UNIX operating system. This is because this application is a multi-platform application and certainly supports installation on the three operating systems above. So you don’t need to worry if you have to change the operating system but you still need this application.

This Firebird application also has several mature features. This is also of course due to the influence of the development of this application since 2000 so that the development of its features can be said to be more mature than some similar applications.

This Firebird application is also fairly light and fast. The use of resources on the computer is fairly small, with only 1 MB of memory, you can run Firebird smoothly.

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