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faststone photo resizer
faststone photo resizer

DARFILE.COM – FastStone Photo Resizer is a converter application that makes it easy for you to convert, rename, resize, crop, rotate and various other photo manipulations.

The quality of photos produced by digital cameras and smartphones is increasingly developing along with technological advancements. Quality images are needed for very high publishing demands. As a consequence the size of the resulting file is also getting bigger.

If we want to display a photo gallery on the website, the size needs to be taken into consideration. Besides affecting bandwidth usage, also the speed of access for users. So the size of the photo produced by a digital camera needs to be changed if you want to display it.

One application to resize photos is FastStone Photo Resizer. Available for commercial versions, and for free personal licenses.

The file format of a photo or image that can be changed is a file that has the extension JPG, JPE, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, CUR, ICO, PNG, PCX, JP2, J2K, TGA, PPM, WMF, PSD and EPS. In addition to shrinking file size, this software also converts images to other extension formats.

The results obtained in reducing the size of the capacity of an image depend on the settings made. You can reduce photo capacity without having to reduce the image quality too far or you can have a small enough capacity with a resolution that can still be enjoyed. This all depends on the settings you specify.

And very important, we can do it for many photos at once. For example we have hundreds of photos, so with a few clicks we can change the size of many photos at once with this software. Of course this will greatly facilitate the work of people struggling in the world of digital photos.

Download FastStone Photo Resizer

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