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DARFILE.COM – Everything is Software that is used to search files / data on laptops & computers with Microsoft Windows based operating systems.

If you have a lot of data / files on a laptop or computer, one of the processes in Windows that is often used is file search. Although Windows already provides a search feature, the results obtained are usually still slow or incorrect. Unless the indexing service feature is activated. This also sometimes has side effects that slow down the computer.

When we search for files using the default Windows feature, it will usually take a long time. Another case if the Windows Indexing Service feature is activated, the search will be much faster. But when the indexing service is activated, the process of indexing files on a computer cannot be said to be light.

The indexing process often slows down computer performance, not to mention that this index database requires considerable capacity. So that the longer the database will reduce quite large. And when a file changes, the indexing process also takes time.

This little program is very simple indeed, but as the name suggests, Everything gives satisfying results. We can search for files on the computer in a flash. In addition, we can also search using various other features so that the results are more accurate.
Another way to filter results is to select certain types of files, such as videos, images, audio, documents, archives, or other executable files.

When on a computer / laptop there is an addition or reduction of files and data, when everything is run, the database will automatically be updated and this also requires a very short time, even when the program is active, the database has been updated.

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