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DARFILE.COM – eMule is a software or application whose main function is to share files on a peer to peer basis for Microsoft Windows. As an active internet user, you certainly often or at least never do the process for files and data in this virtual universe. There are various ways to share files and data, and one way is by doing to file on a peer to peer basis.

Even after knowing that a way for files like this to exist and exist, we must always look for what application or software is most suitable for conducting activities for files in a peer to peer. For those of you who think so, maybe you can consider eMule in your search list.

About eMule

The process of making this eMule initially began on May 13, 2002 by someone named Hendrik Breitkreuz who at that time was not satisfied with one of the peer to peer client software that was currently popular, namely eDonkey 2000.

This made him make a program or software counter, and time after time passed so that more and more developers joined Hendnrik’s project which was eventually called this eMule Project. Finally the source was originally released under the name version 0.02 and was published on SourceForge on July 6, 2002.

eMule is usually and is often used by clients who often look for old content that is arguably difficult to obtain even endangered and lost from circulation. Its ability to recover is very significant for corrupt or corrupted download files and the use of a reward system for uploaders or uploaders who often upload important files is one of the few benefits offered by eMule. What’s more, eMule also sends data in the form of a compress file named zlib, which can significantly save the bandwidth of its users when downloading or downloading data.

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