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DARFILE.COM – Eclipse is an IDE or Integrated Development Environment that is used by programmers or developers to create and develop programs. Some of us may often have seen and even used Java or Android-based applications that are on our smartphones and PCs, but have you ever asked the question, how and where did the developers and programmer makers develop these applications? The developers and programmers made it in an IDE based software or integrated development environment.

But what is an IDE? IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a software that is intended and used specifically for developers and programmers who want to create and build a program or application. By using an IDE, these programmers will be facilitated in the process. That’s because all developing and programming needs will be met and can be accessed in one place in the IDE. One example of IDE software is Eclipse.

The usefulness of Eclipse

Eclipse is the Java IDE that is most often used by developers and programmers of the Java programming language. This is certainly not separated from the fact that says that Eclipse is an IDE software that is open source and therefore free and does not require additional costs when using it. It is called open source because of course it means it means that everyone can clearly see the source or script coding of this software for free and openly.

Even though it is popularly used by Java developers, it does not mean Eclipse is closing down and is exclusive to one programming language. Many developers or programmers with the basic programming languages ​​C, C ++, PHP and even Android use this software for the creation and development of their respective applications. They can use this IDE for their individual programming languages ​​by simply adding a library called plug-ins. With this plug-in, programmers can code without significant obstacles.

The Eclipse IDE software is under an organization called the Eclipse Foundation which consists of several leading developer companies such as Borland, IBM, Merant, QNX Software System, Rational Software, Red Hat, SuSE, Together Soft, WebGain and many other companies that number 80 in 80 end of 2003. Although the official or official Eclipse Foundation was only officially inaugurated in January 2004. The first Eclipse Project released was named Eclipse 3.0 on June 21, 2004. On April 26, 2012, Eclipse received the Award and its first recognition through the 2011 ACM Software Systems Award was initiated by The Association for Computer Mahinery.

Because of its open source nature, Eclipse is also a software that can be said to be multi-platform which means that this software can be accessed on more than one platform, such as Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and so on. No wonder then that Eclipse was named the most popular IDE used.

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