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dvd shrink
dvd shrink

DARFILE.COM – DVD Shrink is a software used to backup DVD discs. DVD Shrink was released in 2004 and has stopped developing. This software only supports Windows operating systems. This software you can get for free or no fee at all. DVD Shrink itself can be used in conjunction with DVD Burning from the fabric developer and immediately make a backup copy of the DVD Disk that you have.

You can also save DVD Shrink output data on your hard drive, which you can then burn back with other software to your new DVD disk. DVD Shrink only has two main features, Full Disk and Reathoring, but DVD Shrink also provides problems for encrypted DVDs.

Some DVD Shrink Features

1. Full Disk

Full disk is a major feature, where users make it possible to make backup copies of DVDs without changes, according to the main disk. But you can eliminate content such as messages, logos or unwanted titles so you can save your disk memory. File compression can also be done manually or automatically, so you can save memory as you wish.

2. Reathoring

This feature is used by users as a display to select specific DVD elements, such as the main title, menu, audi track or subtitles and special features. The menu on the DVD will be stored in a folder and can still be played. You can also use the automatic compression feature according to the size of the DVD you choose. Special features will provide compression options manually according to the memory ratio you want. So, in this feature you can choose specific elements contained in the DVD according to your wishes.

3. DVD encryption

Most DVDs are designed to prevent someone from making a backup copy. Usually encrypted DVDs are commercial DVDs, so you can’t make a copy to your hard drive. DVD Shrink comes with a solution for you to be able to make backup copies of encrypted DVDs. DVD Shrink addresses this problem using the built-in description algorithm.

Basically, DVD Shrink helps you to be able to copy the data contained on your DVD with full disk, reathoring and DVD encryption features. You can also copy it directly to your hard drive and later you can burn a new DVD disk.

The output produced by DVD Shrink can later be in the form of an ISO file or a VIDEO TS folder. You don’t need to worry, because the DVD Shrink user interface is very easy to use. There are several menus such as Open Disc, Open Files, Analysis, Backup, Full dics and Re-author. You can use the menu as you need.

Download DVD Shrink

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