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Download Dropbox 80.4.126

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DARFILE.COM – Dropbox is a storage and service application that allows users to store and synchronize files online and between computers.

The system works like this, with this application we can save files that we have created before without having to carry them through the flashdisk. So every file that we save in dropbox, the file automatically spreads to our computer / gadget using this application.

Do you want to send the file to the client but it’s 50MB in size? Just enter the Public folder, then send the URL of the file to the client. This program is a file sharing application that is very easy to use, because it is directly integrated with Finder.

To share the way folder, log in to the Dropbox website. Then you create a folder there, then the folder will automatically be on your computer that uses it too. Right-click on the folder, there will be several options, select Shared folder options. Enter your friend’s e-mail and after approving you have synchronized with your friends.

This software has cross-platform clients (Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android) that allow users to drop any file into a folder which is then synchronized to the web and other computers.

Users can also upload files manually via a web browser. A free account offers 2 GB of storage. An additional 8 GB of free storage space is possible from referrals (by inviting friends to join this Service).

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