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download accelerator plus
download accelerator plus

DARFILE.COM – Download Accelerator Plus or DAP is software to speed up the process of downloading files from the internet. DAP helps to speed up downloads by finding a mirror of the file you are downloading, so you can download more than one location simultaneously.

Download Accelerator Plus ensures that the user’s computer uses the maximum bandwidth by downloading from parallel mirror sites. Users can resume downloads that are stopped or stopped suddenly, and watch a preview of the video that is being downloaded by Accelerator Plus.

For those of you who like to download files from the internet, this software is very useful for you because this software has been tested and has been installed on more than millions of computers in the world.

According to the official site, Download Accelerator Plus is able to speed up the download process up to 400% or 4 times faster than without using DAP, so you can get your favorite files faster and allow you to download files from the internet using FTP and HTTP as fast as possible. DAP is also able to recover interrupted downloads so you don’t have to download files from the beginning again when there are problems when downloading files.

Like Internet Download Manager which is its main rival, DAP also has quite complete and reliable features for downloading files from the internet, the program will be fully integrated with popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and other browsers. .

So, you don’t need to worry that your computer will be slow / slow because this software does not burden the performance of the computer / laptop that you have.

Download Accelerator Plus

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