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Darfile is a personal website (Owner: Asdar, A.Md) that provides free downloads of various free software sourced from all over the world.

Usually a Webmaster and Blogger make money from the Internet because of their full focus on the Online World. So of course there is no income derived from Offline sources, maybe for some other bloggers have a steady source of income but not for me.

I don’t have the time to have a business so I bear the burden of the Website and the source of my daily life by relying on a managed Website. How to get the cost is by displaying ads from other parties, and I use Google Adsense or personal ads as a source of income.

Earnings are obtained from ad impressions that appear on our website. It is true that many advertisements are inappropriate for religious people who sometimes appear through media channel advertisements. But all of these advertisements are always observed carefully and not a few sources of advertising that we block and block. This of course will make advertising revenue on the website will be very low, and can not bear the cost of living even just for server costs. Therefore I give the Donation column, so those of you who have more income can distribute donations for the progress of this site.

The benefits of donating to darfile.com are:

  • Helping administrators to be more passionate about creating content.
  • Build a quality and trusted site.
  • Participate in giving free downloads, easy access and some ads.
  • Helps maintain the authenticity of the software from the developer.
  • Keep the site clean of ads that are not good for the public.
  • Build a strong social network as a website that can be valued and trusted by the world community.

Donate via Paypal

The button below you can use to donate your money via paypal:

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Donate via Bank

This is the Account Number where you can make donations for the Darfile site:

Donation via Bank Transfer:
Bank Name : BNI
No. Account : 0438297641
Account Name : Asdar
Bank Name : BRI
No. Account : 0192-01-152937-50-0
Account Name : Asdar
Bank Name : MANDIRI
No. Account : 162-00-0404626-8
Account Name : Asdar

If outside the territory of Indonesia, please use BNI SWIFT Code: BNINIDJA and Bank Code BNI: 009.

Thank you for visiting this donation page. Whatever value you give, it will mean a lot to me. Hopefully what you can give for your good will be your help in the hereafter 🙂