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DARFILE.COM – DirectX is an application that contains a collection of API (Application Programming Interfaces) that are used to handle tasks related to multimedia. You all must have at least listened to music from your PC or computer, have you ever wondered how your music player software connects and communicates with hardware or hardware that handles sound on your PC?

DirectX is an application provided by Windows to perform these tasks on the operating system in its shade. So the developers or programmers who develop a multimedia application need not bother to find out the hardware used by the user to be able to connect with the application he made.

The usefulness of DirectX

Directx 12 is an application that is really needed for those of you who often play games with high graphics or run applications with good graphic quality. Without using Directx 12, you will not be able to play HD games or applications that require high graphics. Therefore, if you install games then the games that you have installed do not work, it is most likely that your computer or laptop has not yet installed Directx 12. So, immediately download the Directx 12 StandAlone Installer now and install it on your PC or laptop.

Directx 12 StandAlone offline Installer 2020 update can be installed for various operating systems including: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 8, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 Server Pack, Windows XP Service Pack 3, and Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 So whatever OS you use on your computer or laptop can still be installed Directx 12.

Next is Direct Music. This is an API component from DirectX that allows music and sound effects to be played and created. It also provides flexible interactive controls on the music files that you play.

Direct Play is the next component. DirectPlay is a high-level software interface between applications and communication services that allows and makes it easier for you to connect your gaming applications to the internet. Then is Direct Sound. This Direct Sound provides a low latency interface to the sound card that can handle recording and mixing several audio files that you play on the PC.

One of the most often we use is Direct Input. This API component on DirectX is tasked with handling input peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and others. Therefore, you need to install the latest version of DirectX so that the performance of your PC or laptop is maintained.

Download DirectX

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