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DARFILE.COM – Dashlane is an application or software that focuses on the password storage system for its users. Computers at this time are a very useful device because they have abundant functions and can be used in almost all conditions. With this versatile device, you can do many things. Ranging from office activities, teaching and learning activities, even to casual activities such as displaying multi-media files. Together with the internet, you will be able to explore the whole world only by using a computer.

But behind all its advantages, the internet also stores all the potential damage that can tackle the performance of your computer. Things like malware, viruses, or spyware are parasites in the internet world that are closely lurking and potentially damaging both your computer and your personal data. One of the things that hackers create loopholes to spread malware and spyware is through passwords. Because it will be far wiser for you to use applications or software that can maintain the security of your password. One of them is an application called Dashlane.

The usefulness of Dashlane

The Dashlane application was first created and formed in 2011 by a former CEO named Bernard Liautaud, Jean Guillou, Guillaume Maron and Alexis Fogel. The company, which is headquartered in New York City, first released the password manager application called Dashlane on October 11, 2012. As mentioned above, this application has the main function as a password manager that maintains and secures the passwords or passwords of your various accounts from various virtual crime.

Among the main functions or features of this application, the first of course is to help you to save your password or password. But to further strengthen the stronghold of security, you must also create a password or master password for Dashlane so that your password can be safely stored. Dashlane will guide you to create a master password with a fairly strong level of security.

The next feature, this Dashlane application turns out not only you can use to store passwords or keywords, but also various other things such as data other than passwords. You can save data such as online forms, Identity card, driver license, Passport and other data.

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